Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May Shoot Out

This past Sunday, Jay and I had the privilege to work with some of our talented friends to pull off our May Shoot Out! We along with some of our friends have been trying to put these together once a month because we find it to be a truly amazing experience to work with other photographers who have as much passion about what they do as we do.

So this month we were able to shoot at a location not to far from our house that truly was awesome. There were so many different backgrounds to choose from to compose your image. What was cool about what we did this month as opposed to last month was we broke up into pairs and we each worked with a model and lighting and then we would switch. This gave the models a lot of diversity for their portfolios and all of us the photographers the experience of seeing how we all can see the same building or property but yet capture a completely unique image. So make sure you check out what the other photographers captured Sunday too!!!
Something that we have also been doing, mainly because we have fun doing it is recording the randomness that goes on while we are shooting. So make sure you check out this shoot outs randomness too!!

Now for some of what we captured!!!!

I guess we will start with my shots first here is Lauren Marie working it!!!

Loved the angle on this one

Totally loved this dandelion shot

So I'm not really sure why this backhoe was here but the bright yellow color was awsome and it worked with the outfit

Loved the light post and how Alexa posed here.... Total fabulosity!!!

I was so excited when Alexa was willing to climb up on the tree stumps for a little something different and I was stoked on how the pictures turned out!

Here are a few of Jay’s capture!!!!

I never would have thought to use this area the way David and Jay did and they both totally rocked it!!!

Alexa was totally working it!!!

Love how he used the doorway here

Seriously total hotness!!!

Again thanks to all that participated I know Jay and I really had an awesome time and hope we can all get together again in June!

Lauren Marie
Alexa Alterio

Hair Stylist:
Becky Houle

Leeanne Harpin

David Apuzzo
Ar’Shuan Johnson
Jason and Maggie Henriques

<3 Maggie

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